As a young adult, Madelyn Lance always knew she would never settle for anything less than something great. Through all the obstacles and roadblocks she has endured in her life, she has always managed to come out on top. Originally born in Oregon, Madelyn lived in many different states before settling in sunny Southern California. Growing up, Madelyn was given the nickname "Madzilla" by friends as a play off of her real name. In efforts to find a creative outlet, Madzilla discovered modeling as a way to express herself. From the beginning it became something she was a natural at. As her talent began to grow, so did her following. Quickly realizing that she had the potential to turn her craft into something greater. She always had the vision from the beginning to be versatile and never allowing herself to be confined to any particular genre. 

Throughout the years, Madzilla has worked on many projects with different companies, artists and photographers; no project being the same as the last. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what she was capable of and in turn, garnering the respect of an audience that created a core and loyal fan base. Madzilla always knew that nothing is ever handed to you in life and her work ethic and determination to not be mediocre shows that. Utilizing social media such as Instagram and Youtube to her advantage, she personally posts pictures and works on videos to document her journey, giving her fans a direct window into her life as well as keeping her connected to those who have always supported her along the way. As her following grows, Madzilla has become not only just a face but a brand with no end in sight as to what she has set out to accomplish.